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Customers Comments

Hi Bill,
Wow!  The Pit Viper is beautiful!  It is clearly the finest knife in my collection, which is fairly extensive, and is a wonderful combination of beauty and fierceness.  Thanks for the wonderful vision of what a knife should be!
To me, the knife is foundational to human character, something existential.  Since the first humanoids found that a sharp-sided rock opened up a new world, the knife has enabled humankind to reach for the stars, yet it remains the first grasping of power for us --even until this day.  This is why knives have been used in every facet of human expression --religion, ritual, warfare, hunting, art, and so many other areas.  This Luckett Pit Viper is indeed the "snake" in all of its wisdom.  It is a combination of humankind's highest expression of beauty and, at the same time, the first embodiment of strength and power over other creatures in nature.  It symbolizes the encompassment of human awareness, both cognitive and primate proto-cognitive.  Of all the knives that I own, this Luckett work of art does it all! It is "knifeness" at its best!
Take care Bill --

John Duncan, Ph.D.


Hi, Bill. I own some pretty nice custom knives, but only one that I'd put in the "work of art", category. That's yours. Spent a good part of the weekend showing it off to anyone I could corner. I knew from the pictures that I was in for a treat, but the real deal far exceeded any expectations. Thanks and have a great Christmas.
Bernie Zalaznik, Wichita, Ks


I hope you have a real sense of the joy your work brings to those of us who are nuts for your work. Your pieces are true works of art. What Chappell started, and Hibben, Rapp, Barnett, and Cronk picked up, I think you have truly perfected!!

Thanks for your hard work and artistry!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Best Wishes!!!
Tim Raines


Bill Luckett custom knives with their unique designs have been wonderful additions to our collection. The exquisite blending of handle to blade shows perfection and attention to every small detail with the final product exceptionally functional and every bit a show piece. Every knife’s workmanship and fit is that of a craft master.

Bill designs some really remarkable sheaths as well with the same attention to detail as his knives. Each of his sheaths is custom fitted to the knife and made to the customers needs whether fancy or plain – a trade lost on many custom knifemakers.

Bill is always a pleasure to work with; he is open to new designs and willing to tailor any one of his pieces to fit and specifications as far as possible. In addition to his catalog knives, we’ve had Bill design both knives and sheaths for us outside his norm and our expectations have always been exceeded.

Brian & Shirley
San Diego, Ca


Absolute art! ….And they are sharp! Art presents itself in many forms. I chose Bill Luckett Custom Knives because each of my dozen or so Luckett’s creations are truly art pieces!

Bill’s dynamic flexability has prompted me to purchase knives ranging from his largest fighters to three “baby hunting knives”……just like grandpa’s.

I have great difficulty parting with one of Bill’s knives, but I find that they make great gifts for special friends on special occasions.

Of course, all of my knives will eventually become gifts as I pass them along thru my estate. They are precisely built for the ages and will certainly please all who posess these beautiful works of art.

Captain Ron Lueck


'I have been in the business of selling quality cutlery since 1983, and to this day Bill's work remains one of my own personal favorites as well as a perennial favorite of my most discerning clients.'

Dave Lewis, owner
Classic Cutlery


I can't say which knife I love more. They are all my favorites in one way or another. Because I see one knife, then another. And I can't decide exactly which knife takes my heart. Like the grind lines on the Banshee are very deep and crisp.

The Freedom Fighter was the first knife by Bill Luckett I had ever seen. It was in 1984 Knives annual. It also was on a full colored page in Points of Interest. Then the Texas Bowie shows up and then at that time I thought I found my favorite handle, the guard is bold with beautiful lines. And if you look at the top of the sub hilt it sits right on top and center of highest point of the handle. I know how I can shorten up what I think of Bill's art work. It is so beautiful it's in a class all by itself.



I own several knives made by Bill Luckett and words like quality and craftsmanship are overused and don't adequately describe a Luckett knife. A Luckett knife is an unfaltering reach for the exceptional.

Doug Cooper
Casper, Wyoming


Hey Bill, Max Here….the King Cobra Knife came today, intact and perfect. What a gorgeous tool. Papa should be proud and know it’ll live with the likes of Jerry Hossom, Wally Hayes, RJ Martin, Warren Thomas and others. It is my first Luckett and I’ve been wanting one of your blades for a while and The King Cobra already ranks as a “gem” I’ll likely never part with. The sheath is to-cool-for-school!!!! Your design, materials and execution is A#1 - Badd Asss !!!! Thanks for letting me buy this knife and I hope to get another blade from you in the future. Thanks for creating such a gorgeous work of functioning artistry!



Dear Bill,
The DeathStalker arrived a couple of days ago and I am simply thrilled and impressed. It is one the most dramatic knives I have ever held in my hand, and the execution is beyond my expectations. Your concept and craftsmanship are equally fantastic! I don’t generally gush around about a knife like this, but then I don’t generally have the opportunity of seeing work like this. Believe it or not, I had forgotten just how very good you are.

B. R. Hughes


Mr. Luckett - wanted to let you know the knife arrived and I am absolutely ecstatic! In the hand, the knife is like holding an angry rattlesnake - even though you know it's under control you don't want to take your eyes off it because it's alive and lethal! And the sheath is absolutely beautiful and I am equally impressed with the craftsmanship in the two of them. I have loved and collected a lot of custom and factory slip joint knives for thirty years - the Banshee is now my favorite knife! I will definitely be placing another order - Thanks, Bill Romo


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